Career Dishari



1. Robin said to Peg, “Are you listening? Don’t be thick.”

2. Mother told me that I should listen to her first and do anything as I pleased.

3. He said, “They will be using my car for the trip.”

4. The wayfarer said to me, “Do you know the way to the Asiad village?”

5. He has just said, “My son will be back on Friday.”

6. Rani said, “I saw the photograph.”

7. The doctor advised the patients to give up smoking.

8. The teacher said to the boys, “Can you sit still and do your work?”

9. Ritu said to you, “You are looking very pretty.”

10. He told the boy not to sit there.

11. He said to the interviewer, “Could you please repeat the question?”

12. He said, “Be quiet and listen to my words.”

13. The teacher said to Mahesh, “Congratulations! Wish you success in life.”

14. The poor examinee said, “O God take pity on me.”

15. “Where will you be tomorrow,” I said, “in case I have to ring you?”

16. The father warned his son that he should beware of him.

17. “There are ceremonies going on,” he said to me.

18. The Shopkeeper asked me, “Where is your car?”

19. I asked the shopkeeper, “What is the price of this bike?”

20. The stranger said to me, “Can you tell me the way to the River Bank Colony?”

21. My brother said, "I can climb this hill in less than an hour."

22. The officer said, "I am very busy now".

23. My brother said to me, "I was upset, but now I am fine."

24. The teacher said to me, "Stand here next to the podium."

25. My cousin said, “My, room-mate snored throughout the night.”

26. He said, “What” a beautiful scene!"

27. Rahul said to Veena. “Please return my book early”

28. You said to me, “I slept well last night.”

29. Shiv said to her, "May you succeed!"

30. The captain said, "Alas! our foes are too strong."

31. He said, “By God, I am speaking the truth”.

32. He said, "She has been reading for two hours."

33. Convert the sentence in indirect speech to direct speech - "He exclaimed sadly that he was undone."

34. . Convert the direct speech to indirect - She said, “Thank you !”

35. What is the other name of Indirect speech?

36. Radha said, "I work here every day."

37. Sushant said to him, "I have been helping your son for years".

38. Ram said to Rahul, "You are a good player of cricket".

39. They said to me, "May you live long."

40. Captain said, "Bravo ! We have won the match."


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