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Welcome to your CHAPTER 4 VOICE CHANGE

1. Sahil sharma makes tea.

2. My father loves me.

3. Please keep quiet.

4. She wants that she should be respected.

5. He found the student guilty.

6. His hard work satisfied me.

7. His behavior surprised me.

8. We crowned him leader.

9. Who taught you English?

10. Who wrote this book?

11. Who wrote this noble?

12. Let me do this task.

13. Let him do this work.

14. Sit down.

15. Don’t insult the deaf man.

16. Don’t touch the fence.

17. Help the poor.

18.His comment hurt me deeply.

19. The packet will be delivered to your house.

20. The packet has not been opened by anyone.

21. Two motorcycle mechanics were arrested for their alleged involvement in innumerable vehicle thefts.

22. They have built a perfect dam across the river.

23. You need to clean your shoes properly.

24. Darjeeling grows tea.

25. They greet me cheerfully every morning.

26. Has anybody answered your question?

27. The government has launched a massive tribal welfare programme in Jharkhand.

28. Our task had been completed before sunset.

29. The lady of the house was furnishing the mansion.

30. Some people were helping the wounded woman.

31. For a long time people believed the earth to be flat.

32. He was driving the car so fast that it skidded on the snowy road.

33. He was congratulated by his teacher on his brilliant success in the recent examination.

34. I was sanctioned the loan by the office.

35. Lata Mangeskar wrote the song and sang it.

36. We will know the results of this interview after six months.

37. The principal will announce the results.

38. Is he not painting the picture?

39. Who was making a noise?

40.Please, close the door.

41. Bring me a glass of water.

42. After driving professor Kumar to the museum she dropped him at his hotel.

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