Career Dishari



1. A person living permanently in a certain place

2. Mania for stealing articles

3. One who loves mankind is called

4. A remedy for all disease is

5. More than enough in amount or capacity

6. An office for which no salary is paid

7. A handwriting by which cannot be easily read

8. One who comes to settle in a country

9. One who is habitually good to others:

10. A place to bury dead bodies:

11. Living for years and years

12. The yearly return of a date:

13. One who cannot be changed or reformed

14. The killing of one man by another man

15. A substance in the blood tending to neutralize matter that is harmful:

16. A person who is skilled in horsemanship

17. The mistake of placing something in the wrong period of time:

18.A low area storm with high winds rotating about a centre of low atmospheric pressure

19. A doctor who specializes in diseases of the nose

20. One who entertains his guest well

21. Place where birds are kept

22. That which cannot be attacked or taken by force

23. A part of a word that can be pronounced separately

24. One who lacks knowledge

25. Act of mercy killing

26. A house where children with no parent are taken care of

27. Reasoning method involving two statements from which a conclusion is reached

28. Change the appearance to deceive or to hide the identity.

29. A person between 90 and 100 years old.

30. A lover of books

31. One who is determined to take full revenge for wrongs done to him

32. One who is a citizen not of a country but of the world

33. Killing of a child

34. The act of killing a whole group of people, especially a whole race

35. Arrangement in order of occurrence

36. A funeral poem

37. A large body of people playing various musical instruments.

38. A short poem or speech addressed to the spectators after the conclusion of a drama

39. A disease which is spread by direct contact

40. Related to moon

41. One who walks in sleep

42. Place where wine is made

43. A place where nuns live and work

44. No longer a child, but not yet an adult

45. Government of the people, by the people and for the people

46. A person who is very selective, disgusted easily, and is hard to please.

47. Calmness and indifference to suffering

48. Seeing something which is not actually present

49. Inscription on a gravestone

50. A person who is blamed for the wrong doings of others

51. Something that is poisonous or unhealthy

52. Property handed down after the death of a person

53. An occasion of great importance

54. One who hates mankind

55. A disease that affects a large number of people in an area at the same time

56. A person who eats too much

57. Very pleasing to eat

58. A person who is out to destroy government

59. A book containing summarized information on all branches of knowledge

60. A ride on someone else's back or shoulders

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