Career Dishari



1. Children should be able to adopt ….. harsh weather conditions.

2. The boat which was rowed with only one oar went ….. in circles, only when it was rowed with both the oars, it moved.

3. The Sergeant was returning from a New Year eve dinner with friends when he chanced ….. five drunken passengers ….. a taxi harassing girl.

4. In most parts of the city there were huge traffic jams with vehicles backed up ….. miles.

5. The huge surge in foreign exchange reserves ….. the current financial year should be a cause ….. concern to the policymakers.

6. Celebrations transform our life of routine and boredom ……. rejuvenation and rejoicing.

7. Miserly people are incapable of trusting life and that’s why life does not open its treasures ….. them.

8. There are so many people of Indian origin settled ….. the globe, from different professions.

9. Fluctuations in business fortunes is another reason for companies going in …. a floating workforce.

10. She hopes to be a teacher but her real talent lies in wielding the brush …. aplomb.

11.Thousands of young patriotic Indians responded to Vivekananda’s clarion call and jumped whole-heartedly …… the freedom struggle.

12. Today, the youth are so self centered, they are not bothered ….. the poverty around them.

13. Many NRIs are looking …………investing in India like buying homes.

14. The new Science and Technology Policy rightly seeks to put in place simplified administrative and financial procedures that will hopefully breathe fresh life…….Indian science.

15.She is not the only artist to have faced threats from underworld but she is the only one brave to talk ….. them.

16. There has been a large accession of books …. the library.

17. The new hospital provides ample amenities ….. the patients.

18. The monetary help that he rendered …. the most appropriate moment was really appreciable.

19. He had no option but to resign from the office after the defamation heaped … him.

20. After the earthquake, the whole city appeared to be …. a shambles.

21. …… circumstances compelled him, the lazy refused to work for his living.

22. ……. this park was much bigger but recently a swimming pool has been built making it shrunk.

23. Driving ….. the sun, we had to shade our eyes.

24. My cousin has invested a lot of money ____ farming.

25. It is dangerous to enter ___ the enemy’s camp.

26. India is committed ____ a policy of peaceful existence.

27. I do not agree ___ you on this point.

28. The teacher has no control ____ the students.

29. Good sleep is necessary ____ good health.

30. Exercise is beneficial _____ health.

31. Your statement is very much similar ____ mine.

32. I am ready to say this ____ her face.

33. She was a devoted wife and looked _____ her husband.

34. I am not obsessed ____ such ideas as you are.

35. He was killed ___ a highway man ___ a dagger.

36.He was found guilty —————— murder.

37. His daughter is engaged ———————- my son.

38.Thomas Hardy is famous —————– his Wessex novels.

39. Othello was charged —————– the murder of his wife Desdemona.

40. The indulgent mother is blind —————– the shortcomings of her only son.

41. He is blind —————— one eye.

42. You have no excuse —————— being so late.

43. A conscientious worker is never neglectful —————– his duty.

44. I have never seen a place so infested —————- mosquitoes.

45. He was warned —————– the impending danger.

46. I am tired ——————— doing nothing.

47. He succeeded —————– passing the test.

48. The problem ____ housing ____ India is a complex one

49. He was advised to abstain ___ all alcoholic drinks.

50. Are you going to study _____ the afternoon or _____ night?

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